Petition to stop Peterborough City Council from selling the Tenter Hill Meadow site

Following a request for information concerning the current status of the Tenter Hill proposed development, local Lib Dem councillors Cllr Christian Hogg and Cllr James Lillis were informed that the land is still in Peterborough City Council ownership.

We are therefore launching a NEW petition to get the council to overturn its decision to release the Tenter Hill site for redevelopment by Medesham Homes.

Local Lib Dem councillors Cllr Christian Hogg and Cllr James Lillis are determined to make sure there is no future development on Tenter Hill Meadow, which is an important place in our community. It’s used by hundreds of people every month from dog walkers to the local Scout group.

Please sign our petition today to help us demonstrate as local councillors that there is real local opposition to any future development on this land:

I/we the undersigned call Peterborough City Council to abandon future plans for development on the Tenter Hill Meadow site, and not sell it to Medesham Homes or any other third party and to secure a future for the area to be registered as an asset of community value in perpetuity for the benefit of local residents to enjoy.

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    The only green space left in Stanground.